The Portrait

October 14, 2007
By Genesis Garcia, Bronx, NY

My portrait is irrational.
Showing layers of happiness and layers of sadness.
An unconformity.
A cluster of memories trapped in a sullen face.
Covering up traces of my past, present and possibly my future.
If actions speak louder than words and
a picture speaks a thousand words then
what is the value of a picture if there is no action
No emotion and no essence
I am not Dorian Gray
Emotions cannot transcend to that face but my emotions live in me
The portrait is just a moment in time
One in where i stood and faced the artist
and posed in a stance suitable for the piece
No life, no feeling, no clarity
Just strokes of a brush and a solemn numb object
A picture made from the depths of a child
producing a painting of a women
A depiction of who I want to be
I apologize my dear artist but
this masterpiece, this portrait is just not me.

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