The Wood Carver

April 26, 2010
By ColeeeeO BRONZE, Indialantic, Florida
ColeeeeO BRONZE, Indialantic, Florida
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There once was a man names Bill Lindner.
He was the best wood carver on the East side of the river.
He was a jolly guy standing six foot five.
Every time a passed him, I gave him a high-five.
Every carving competition there was, he won.
After every competition he said, "That's how it's done."
He carved small things, tall things, big things, and long things.
He carved things with ears, eyes, hands, and wings.
He carved pretty much everything.
He was the most popular person in town.
He was like the king of the town, with a shiny crown.
He would wake up every morning and sit on his wooden stool.
Then he would stretch out his fingers and sharpen his tools.
Soon after that he would widdle till noon.
He would go home and take a snooze.
Then he would walk his dog and read the news.
One day when he was in his carving shop.
He was widdling and fiddling when he heard a knock.
His friend Will came in.
He said, "Bill there's the National wood carving competition going on tomorrow starting at ten. "
He said, " that's cool"
Then got off his stool.
When he arrived at the competition he saw what he never saw before.
People were carving perfect buildings, with windows, stairs and doors.
People were making life size cars.
That actually moved and went far.
A man walked by him and gave him an evil glare.
But he wasn't intimidated nor scared.
The first round there was he widdled and widdled.
He widdled and widdled till his fingers were brittle.
He won that round fair and square.
People were noticing and starting to care.
He widdled a 3D image of the Mona Lisa.
Then he sat down and ate a whole Pizza.
He went home that night, and waited for morning.
He dreamed what he was going to carve while he was snoring.
The next morning at the final competition, he knew what he was going to do.
He just needed the time, tools, and room.
He would saw, carve, widdle, and drill.
People were amazed, they thought he didn't have skill.
After four hours of carving, he was finally done.
People stared and the judges were stunned.
He built a life size rocket.
And he pulled out a smaller model from his pocket.
The judges gave him ten's and that means he won.
And Mr. Lindner said, ''That's how it's done."

The author's comments:
This poem is about my English teacher that likes to carve wood.

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