the brick wall

April 26, 2010
By tkzld SILVER, Farmington, Connecticut
tkzld SILVER, Farmington, Connecticut
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participate in the neverending joy and sorrow that is the world

I followed life
Its twists and turns

Just going with the current
Hoping to just skate by

I think that life didn't like that
So the brick wall was put up after a fast bend

Needless to say I hit it

Broken beaten and bloodied by it

I looked up and saw you there at the edge
Crawling slowly I reached out and tried to stop you from that next step

I was too broken too beaten too weak

I couldn't help you
I just watched trying to yell out

But the wall crushed my throat
I couldn't speak
I could barely see
I could barely breathe

Blood ran like the tears that wanted to flow
They kept running

Until moving was impossible

I didn't care about my outcome

I just looked at yours
Leaving my guard open
I got stabbed in the back unknowingly

It wasn't the wall alone
But a alliance to kill me

My weakness was exposed
I just looked forward hoping and trying to help another

The blow was swift
Almost like it already happened so long ago

Like a scar opening again even though it healed
Looking back this did happen before

But I survived the first blow
I was young
Able to bounce back from a shot
But I never fully recovered
I became weaker as time came and went
The scar became a tracer for the next person to try and kill me when I showed that weakness
But the weakness was new and the opening wide
Inexperienced to covering that up I remained blissfully unaware

Until it was too late and the person stopped me from trying to help anyone

Its mission in life was to make sure I faded into the darkness
Eternally, blissfully, quietly, quickly
Like a lightning bolt they came and went

But there was no light
There was no sound

It just happened

I started to get blinded
There was too much blood

I just tried to move to that brick wall

On that brick wall I wrote my final message

It was simple
It was messy

My writings always been messy so it shouldn't be that bad

After writing it I fell into that river of life
Silently I left with the current accepting of my fate

I knew that if I failed
At least someone would see it at that same point
And maybe it could change their minds

It may have been written in blood but it was stained in the wall forever

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