October 14, 2007
You do not see me watching you there.
If you do, you don't seem to care.
So I let my eyes explore your face,
And your hair that falls like lace.
Black hair within
Its velvet skin.
Brown eyes that shine and glow
With more than I will ever know.

Your mouth, it curves into a smile,
Which makes my pain worth a the while.
You take your time to blink away
The sadness neither of us will say.
Bronze skin just like the autumn sun.
From cheek to jaw, we've just begun.

Your copper complexion
Brings out your eyes,
The ones that caught me by surprise.
Your hand, it slips into my own.
Reminding me I'm not alone.
Everything i aspire to be,
Is not how much you mean to me.
You'll never know how great you are,
That you can shine just like a star.
The talent you hold, I cannot tell.
I just hope that life
Will treat you well.
For you being you, is far above
Any beauty I've ever known,
my Love.

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