The Bus That Parks Near My House

October 14, 2007
By Marissa Michelle Tranquilli, Amherst, NY

a bus parks
near my house
just sits there
and everyday
I think
Why does the bus stop?

does it stop to think
to think about all the things
it has to do
all the people it will meet

doe sit feel sad
that it will only ever be a bus
it will never be a limo
carrying important people

does it remember
all the kids it ever took
yalling and singing
laughing and crying
with friends or without
in different moods

does it wonder
where they are now
the kids shoved into the world
growing up so fast

does it worry
about getting older
breaking down
being replaced

Why does it park?
Why doesn't the bus keep going?
Why not drive and drive
just bcause it can.

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