She loses herself in her mind

October 13, 2007
By Ryan Greene, Bethesda, MD

She loses herself in her mind,
As she disguises herself as a blind,
As he whores himself with all the girls,
As she cries to herself because of his whorls,
And there’s nothing to say,
And nothing she can do,
As her heart is disgusted by the way she dies,
And her soul is nothing but battered and bruised,
As her eyes look upon the world from behind her disguise.

And the wind tears at the shutters, she locked out the world,
And nothing can solve it but that little blue pill.
The one that matures and makes it go away,
Solves the riddles and shows her the way,
But he stands as a shadow haunting the soul,
As the sunlight gets dimmer and shows her all gray,

Sits and sighs on the leaf strewn path, And the wind picks up and starts to dance,
But the rain falls down in drops of gold,
And wise men sit and sing,
Their stories plumed with jewels,
Their hearts torn with life,
Their eyes… Filled with the roots of the world.

As the heart learns the lesson that must be learnt,
And the trees and the vines and the streams all whisper the same,
Learn to love, and then learn to mend, and then learn to love again.

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