Just wondering

October 13, 2007
Just wondering
How will i know you love me
if you dont tell me show me
or at least act it out.
I get the feeling that you dont even know what im about.
In my head you make me want to shout
out my heart cause youve been ripping it out.I try to love you as much as it will show but
just we start to get close your heart starts to harden and you start pushing me to go.
You make me wonder why am i here when she dont even care.
Maybe if i was bad and acted out.
Then she would love me without a doubt.
At leats that way she would notice me.
Seems to be everything i do is nerdy and not even worthy of her attention.
Makeing good grades and staying out of trouble is overlooked. Cause being vad and failing has got her hooked. what am i to to to get your love? Why caint i have your love? Why do i have to look for your love?Is there any love?
Is there any love for me just as i am?

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