Adapted through function of finger plucking motion

October 13, 2007
By Emily Laster, Wayne, PA

Adapted through function of finger plucking motion
Running through time like Polaroid pictures soaked in
Memories of you and me, splattered with reminiscence
Telling tales of how summer days remind me of your sweet kisses
Holding hands through the dark cold streets to nowhere
Listening to lovely melodies, our legs laced, without a care
Shallow glances after love only held so strong for so long
Tears of wishes, wandering mind, is holding on so wrong?
Turning tables, stamping labels on foreheads of misfortune
Dwindling feelings of hope, how can I not miss more than
What I’ve lost? Look now, I’m six feet above what we once held
Together, hand in hand, we had something lush, so hard we fell
But I’ll sit, and I’ll dream of that kiss that you used to love
You said the love for my words, beauty, would never be enough
Apparently it was, enough for you to see, enough for you to leave
Worthless words of wisdom, for my heart, you were the key
Cliché manifest destiny to weep after a befallen lost lover
Crumbling walls of sanity, inevitable calamity bestowed on each other
Talons ripping through this heart, you always were a hawk
Something I once loved, is now something you just mock
I wish only for you to disappear, or to see me for what I was
Things will fall apart, things will rip at the seams, because
When the snow begins to fall, I shall cry in remembrance of you
Beside you when it last snowed, maybe it’ll remind you of me too
When you listen to that song with my name both of us used to play
Maybe loves sovereignty will enlighten you, and that’ll be the day
Or when you watch that movie, whose love we shared together
Maybe then, just maybe, you won’t lose thought of me forever
And the night for which I only dream of, when Christmas turns to Halloween
Maybe then, again, after a dandelion wish, you’ll fall in love with me

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