In the Absence of Pride

October 13, 2007
By Jamila Smith-Dell, Cambridge, MA

They struggled for us
To be free
They fought and died
For our freedom

You’d expect us to remember them by
Doing all that we possibly can do

Look now, at the world
Look at the people who have
No pride in their ancestors
Our ancestors, who were tortured
For us

And some don’t even acknowledge
The price of their freedom in this world

They go out into life
Living a life of stereotypes
That was set for them

They believe the lies
That they were told about them.
The offensive names that they were given,
They quote themselves

They don’t realize
How fortunate they really are.
If only they could,
They wouldn’t be acting this way

We need to stand up
We need to get onto our feet
And stand up for our race

We need to defend ourselves
We need to get out of living
The life of stereotypes

Stand up
I tell you
Stand up
Let’s tear down off the old skin
And put on the new one
Let’s be proud of


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