The Beach

October 12, 2007
By Kate Spitz, Wichita, KS

Feeling my toes in the sand,
I picked up a few seashells.
My brother was laughing
and swimming in the waves,
while my sister laughed at me
about getting a sunburn.

When I got that sunburn,
it hurt while I played in the sand.
My sister strolled over to me,
and handed me several seashells,
before rushing back to the waves

We were playing and laughing,
even though my sunburn
hurt. We played in the gigantic waves
then joined the others on the sand.
I put my seashells in a bucket
and no one knew where they were except me.

So my brothers, sister, and me
ate bites of food between laughing,
and didn’t pick up any more seashells
because my sunburn
hurt so bad. We stopped playing in the sand,
and instead leaped in to the waves.

And the next day, after swimming in the waves,
my family took me
to build a great sand castle in the sand.
We spent the day laughing,
and my sunburn
was gone, so we scavenged for seashells.

After picking up seashells,
we boogie boarded in the waves,
and my brother got a sunburn
instead of me.
We all started laughing
as we sauntered through the sand.

We walked in the sand with our seashells,
laughing at the entertaining time we had in the waves,
and my family smiled at me, because I had no sunburn.

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