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In the Rain

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It began when I was three.
In the rain, on top of a hill, under the cloudy skies.
Together, we lie on our backs, and let the rain
roll down our skin.
Dripping. Rolling. Falling.
We let the rain cleanse our troubles away.
Smiling, we’re smiling.
I’m freezing outside,
Yet I’m warm inside.
Our laughter is blurred static.
As we drift away from this place.
Away from reality.
For one moment.
Just one moment.

We’d lie there for hours,
In the rain, on top of a hill, under the cloudy skies.
My eyes begin to feel heavy in my euphoria.
My skin tingles from the heavenly rain,
as it bounces down from the sky and dissolves into my skin,
Into my veins and back to my heart.
My mother’s call seems so far away,
As if we’re under water,
We’re already too absorbed–
in our Bliss.
And just like that,
the rain stops, the clouds open their doors
and let the sun’s rays begin to shine,
and awaken us from our dream

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