Clay Dolls

October 10, 2007
By Renee Wade, West Haven, CT

Model little dolls,
All On display
Each do the actions
From the words people say,
“Cry dolly cry!”
Tears stream over
The porcelain cheeks.
Made out of bendable clay
They do as you say.
Small child,
New to The world
Obedient to parents
Without saying a word.
“Come here baby here.”
She makes her way
Over to the voices
That command her every day.
Weak clay filled minds,
Mold her to the beat
Of someone else’s rhyme.
Under her boyfriends control
Knew nothing else,
But listen to
Whatever he told.
Obedient as a dog
Yet the dog gets better care.
Drops all she knows
So he’ll be out of despair.
She’s his little doll,
All on display
Moving to the words
That he wants to say.

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