Just Friends

October 10, 2007
By Kathrynn Gatton, La Cygne, KS

I can't tell you how I feel
With all these marks
That will never heal
You acted like a friend
I wanted more
I loved you long
Hoping you felt the same
I guess I was wrong
By what they say
your a man whore
I left you clues
You couldn't see
How much you
Really mean to me
I know its time
To let you go
But its too hard
You'll never know
All the pain and suffering
I go through
Because of all
The feelings I still
Have for you
There’s a forever feeling
Stuck in my gut
If only we had
The chance to be
But your so blind
You could never see
My feelings for you
Will always be
No matter how
Far, when, or where
Now all I can do
Is wonder and dwell
What would've happened
If only I could tell
The story of us
All over again
But I guess forever
You'll be a friend...

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