Her Own Knight

October 10, 2007
Don't press rewind, let the movie play
T here's no need to interrupt anything, the memories are already there to stay
Why remind her of the previous scenes?
Don't get her started, she then pheenes...
She craves the peace and subjects to her past
She runs and presses fast forward, she wants to go fast
don't ever pause a scene, you'll give away its ending... you'll blow her thoughts and miss the message its sending
Those belong hidden,
yet they always seem to be found...
Nobody's suppse to know,
-crying concludes as the only sound
Afraid? No, she has to stand tall and be strong...
Her sensitivity layers her shield
-Nothing like that ever lasts long
This movie's a mystery, and she's a disguised knight
She let down her armor in this neverending fight
She bowed down...
her sword on the ground,
her face full of tears...
-and said-
Blood is nothing compared to life and the tears that are shed

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