Sinister Vampiress of the Night

October 10, 2007
She sips from her devil cup,
Her best used souvenir,
Enjoying her favorite treat,
It’s warm and smooth…just like she likes it,
She’s done…she wants another cup of blood.

Her minions quickly refill her cup,
She’s pleased,
She’s satisfied.

She sips her blood,
As if it’s tea,
Her bats are all around her,
She’s filled with glee.

She’s had tons of blood,
She enjoys others pain,
Blood bath,
Immortal life,
Intense feelings.

She sits at home,
In her mansion of blood,
It’s time for her to take her shower,
Blood everything,
Blood everywhere,
She smiles.

She’s bored,
Never satisfied for long,
She wants more,
She needs more,
She craves more blood,
New blood,
Your blood…

She sucks on your blood like a leach,
Grasping your neck with her thick evil claws,
She likes your blood,

She wipes her mouth,
You died,
She smirks, good night,
Your body is now a trophy,
In the mansion of blood…
Sweet dreams love,
Or should I say…sweet eternity?

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