Death is a gentleman, Life is the Cruel one.

April 15, 2010
I meet many sorrows throughout the day,
But in my body and soul,
I can feel it...
When Death comes my way,
And he's coming now,
Calling out my name,
He's coming for me,
and I'm the only one to blame.

I'm waiting for him.
Waiting on the door step-looking at the sky,
...Silently praying.
Because I'm not ready to die.
then let him come,
because my body and soul,
is already numb.

Lost in my numbness, I am fearless.
Strength can come from stone,
And like a marble masterpiece,
I am emotionless to the bone.
As I take my eyes from the sky, I see him...
Coming down my street.
In one deadly battle,
we are bound to meet.

This is the part where many people try to run,
but I choose to wait.
I've learned the hard way,
you can not escape your fate.
There is a smile on his face,
Mine remains blank,
He slows his pace,
To allow him to think.

"My sweet child of darkness,
My Lady of Sin,
Are you so easily willing,
To give in?"

"Oh, sweet silent Death,
I so longed to meet you,
Over time I have grown numb,
and knew not what to do."

"My sweet Suicidal Sinner,
just take my hand,
and I shall lead you into the darkness,
of the Prison Land."

"Oh gentle Death,
I'll admit-some days I have wished to die.
But I've always wanted to live,
To truly live, without tears to cry."

Death raises an eyebrow with a contradicting smile,
"Yet you've so longed for silence."

"I've also longed...
to forever end the World's violence.
Longing and wishing,
It gets you no where.
I realize my life is in my own hands,
And I shall treat it with care."

"Yet, you struggle every day,
with pain and sorrow?"
"Today it dark,
but I know in my heart- It will be brighter tomorrow."

He chuckles, Death actually chuckles at me,
"Then why, my child,
Does the blade still linger in your hand?"

I glace down, at my clutched fist. Crimson blood drips,
I answer, "So I will never forget. So I will always understand."

Death nods,
"Then sweet child of the Holy Light,
Go live. Live through your deepest core.
Live until pain isn’t there any more."

His dark image fades into the oblivion,
that my mind had produced him from,
the blade drops from my hand,
and I know.... I'm finally done.

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