October 10, 2007
By kelly marie thoma, Seattle, WA

unspoiled youth. the briskness of children. home is home. love is protection.

unspoiled youth. you left me.
you never gave me a chance.

i tried to grow. i grew.
i tried to learn. i learned.
i set goals. i set expectations.

"no tomorow, no tomorow, no tomorow"
this is their Mad World.

an explanation not given. a defininition not suited.
poor soul. where are you headed? whats tomorows step. will anything change. i-

i will-

i will be-

but in the end. it falls short. track is lost. time is forgotton, the next day you wake up to see the mirror.

unspoiled youth. dont grow. dont learn. dont reach. defy.
a love will encounter you one day that will be more than protection.
unspolied youth, look for it.
listen to me.

look for love to hold your hand. and when your hand is cold you wait and suffer.

unspoiled youth, magic will keep that sparkle in your eye.

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