Don’t Turn Me to Mush

October 11, 2007
By Lauren Sulivan Capuano, Congers, NY

Don’t say good night, it’s not time to go.
Don’t wave good bye, this is not the end.
Don’t smile at me, there is no time right now.
Don’t walk me to my class, this is 2007.
Don’t pout when I have to go, you’re not a puppy.
Don’t say good bye 12 times on the phone, one is just enough.
Don’t bring me flowers when I’m sick, you can cheer me up yourself.
Don’t argue with me to pay the check, I have my own money.
Don’t hold my hand when we walk together, I’m not going to get lost.
Don’t say ‘I Love You’
Don’t turn me to mush.
Most importantly,
Don’t listen to a word I say,
Yes means no, no means yes.
And I know you know I’m crazy.
And we both know that that’s alright.
You don’t have to do anything for me,
I’m just fine with you.

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