So here’s the truth about the truth

October 11, 2007
By Devin Harris, Pelham, AL

So here’s the truth about the truth; it hurts so we lie
But lies can hurt more than the truth so either way we cry
Cry our eyes out why because you can’t handle the truth
But as people we walk around like nothing’s wrong like it’s cute
I realize I’m not perfect no one is so I don’t try to be
But I also realize I get mad when people lie to me
I hope some of you can vibe with me and feel where I’m coming from
Because I’ll be real till there’s no more air in my lungs
My people put down the guns and if you want to kill someone kill them with kindness
Instead of being blinded about who’s the bigger gangster by how big your nine is
You should try this
And men stop thinking your manhood is determined on what your shoe size is
Me and clocks always disagree because I’ll tell you what the time is
It’s time for the whole entire world to be crimeless
But the truth hurts and the truth is that’ll never happen
But we as people still have to stick together no matter what happens
It’s about time for us to start replacing crying with clapping
I bet most people would see me different if this poem was to a beat and I was rapping
I know it you’d probably think I was from a ghetto or a hood
Because of the color of my skin but hey it’s all good
That’s my stereotype because I have my hat down below my eyes
People think I’m shady I walk by an old white lady and she glues her purse to her side
No offense to anyone and I’m not the type to complain
But in my life I have everything to lose and everything to gain
Yesterday it was the same and I promise tomorrow won’t change
I’m not going to try to change I have no reason to
All my people I’m speaking to could you clap two times if this is reaching you
Had to make sure cause I want you to understand me
Feel my words instead of trying to reprimand me
Because at the beginning and the end of every day I am me
And I know in about 20 seconds you won’t be able to stand me
The truth
World peace is not achievable that’s a cold hard fact
Because world peace doesn’t come by ending the war in Iraq
What about the food shortages in Africa or clean water south of the border
What about the serial killers making the population shorter
I’m not being against humanity so don’t get me wrong
Cause please believe I’d love for every one to get along
But that’ll never happen that’s just the truth
Some people will only see me seriously if I’m wearing a business suit
But I live by the beat of my own heart not anyone else’s
And I know that may sound selfish
But it’s the truth and the truth hurts so get used to it
Whether you’re white black blue or green we’re all new to it we’ll all move through it
Shouldn’t we pave the way for future generations to succeed
Or do you not feel the need what will your choice be
You may see me as just another thug walking through 205 soon to be behind bars
And someone who grew up watching booties shake in front of big rims on nice cars
Probably thinking you’ll turn on the news and see my face
Cause so many people see a black man with braids as unsafe
But I wish maybe you would give yourself a chance to get to know me
And realize that I’m not just another gangster, thug, or a street homie
See me as me instead of a nothing walking the earth
That sells marijuana, crack, pills, or puts holes in people’s shirts
A year ago last month my fellow black people were threatened with nooses
For sitting under a tree can someone please tell me what the use is
Thing is I can’t tell you what the use is All I know is it’s stupid
And here’s what the truth is
If the black leaders of the 60’s had never gotten the whites and the blacks to agree to
I’d still be standing here but you’d probably see me as useless
Maybe even a nuisance
And as to why I’m still clueless
But either way it’s what the truth is
And I don’t want to make this into a black thing or a white thing
It should be more of a wrong thing and a right thing
And I don’t want this to be controversial more like enlightening
And I know things these days can be frightening
But we have to take time and see what things are about
And of all things we have to have hope in doubt
Because doubt brings hope and doubt brings change
But believe in yourself because doubt can bring pain
But doubt is the truth and the truth hurts so we lie
Although lies can hurt as much as the truth
So the whole world can cry……

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