A soldier cries

October 11, 2007
By Luke Maddison, Doncaster, ZZ

A soldier cries
As a brother dies
Once arm in arm with a laugh of gay
Now tears until that long black day

A blooded bullet
Found deep in his gullet
Was all they find on the hospital bed
Moments before they declared him dead

Agony is and agony was
The look on that face and all because,
One man wanted blood and this he did draw -
Til' the innocent was spilling onto the floor

Herds of pain
Through snow and rain
As the memories they live on
Through poems and words in every song

The look in the eye
As a brother walks by
No story tells more words
Like the whistle of chirping birds

Both gunned and knived
And of love - deprived
The faces of gloom within
Who are forced to take it on the chin

As the morning sun breaks
And the soldier awakes
Can you guess the thought in mind?
Images of dead, til' his eyes go blind

At night they all gather
And tell stories to one another
But tonight there was nothing to say
Because a soldier cried today

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