This Is How

October 11, 2007
This is how you drove me to madness
With your laughter
Your teasing
Your taunts
Your faces
Swirling in my mind
This is how you’ve made me
My tears falling from my face
My heart filled with rage
The pain growing
Hiding it all inside
Waiting for someone to see
That I’m crying out for help
This is how I’ll show you
With my blood dripping off your hands
The guilt resting upon your breast
Suckling upon your guilt
Every word you ever said
Every thing you ever did
Circling in your head
Reminding you of what you did
This is how
Your jokes
Your words
Your pranks
Drove me to the edge
I tilt precariously on
The border of insanity
A small whisper blowing me over
Plummeting to the ground
Your words the means for my suicide
You are why
You are why
You are why I’m dead.

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