The Come Up

October 11, 2007
By shanice gordon, Davie, FL

Moving fast
Moving quick
And in a hurry.
No one can
Even catch me.
I’m doing too good
To turn back now.
I don’t know what
Has gotten into me.
May be
Too much sugar
Before bedtime.
Its crazy.
I haven’t seen anything like this
Not in me anyway…
Ok well maybe I lied,
It’s just been a while.
So I’m sort of excited
And all of a sudden
I’m being extremely goofy.
I’m not the type to go around smiling
But I feel success spread
Across my face.
And I’m there
Just smiling to myself.
Even others begin to smile back.
Others slightly envy
And I’m loving it.
In two weeks the final challenge,
And my improvement shall be shown.
Oh how I anticipate that day.
But nonetheless
I will continue to be
If you’re wondering what u write about
It is most definitely
My academic “come up!”

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