The Game

October 11, 2007
If you do not know how to play the game you will surely loose.
It takes skill and brains to play this game and succeed.
Only the strong-willed make it.
The weak will certainly fall.
The last woman standing is me.
ALWAYS, me I’ve rarely lost a game. When I did loose, I still WON
I left with more than I came.
No I’m not a gold digger but I don’t mess with no broke kids. I feel I get a kick out of seeing them stroke.
It makes me happy.
Folks say I had an early start at this game, I’d disagree.
If I would’ve known I’d be where I am today, I wouldn’t have changed a thing.
Yeah I didn’t take a good friends advice
But take the negatives to get close enough to perfection
It frightens me.
Maybe next time I’ll listen, or learn from my mistakes.
As the quarter is ending, the clock goes faster
The time is less.
I look around, and I am the only one left on the field.
Does this mean I’m the last person standing, or has everyone left me?

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