Because of you

October 12, 2007
Because of you, I am broke, and in a tangled mess.
Because of you, I spend all morning fighting, and feeling like ripping you out of my life.
Because of you….
Nothing ever straightened you out or calmed you down.
Nothing ever stopped you from springing away or traveling half way across the country.
Nothing ever stopped you from doing what you wanted to.
You annoyed me, you were a pain.
You and I were like peanut butter, and jelly.
You were born with me, and now you are stuck with me.
We had faith in each other. It was simple.
If I let you go free, you’ll love me.
If I try to hold you back, you’ll hate me.
We fought to stick together. Trying to work things out.
Though, they never did seem to work.
Yet, here we are still best friends.
We will always hate each other, and we will never accept each other. That is for sure.
I guess we both realized that nothing could hold us apart. We will always be stuck together. We’ll try to get along during those mornings. We’ll eventually come to an agreement.
But only because…you are my curl… and I am your girl.

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