April 28, 2010
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Who knew these tires could be so fun
Swinging from one black circle to another
Laugh and play until the sun goes down

Joy truly enjoyed by a mother

Let’s see how high we can swing
Across this big sea of black rings
Whoever swings farther will be the winner
Our mom can only hope we don’t end up in slings

Now onto the obstacle course
We jump over and in
Roll here and tuck there
Here we shall always wear a grin

Let’s leap across the way
To the tower overlooking all the land
This bird, dragon like thing
That all the kids see as so grand

Last but not least lets head to the seesaw
Pile on as many as we can
We’ll see who is the last to be sitting
And who has fallen off from the time we began
Here we never knew how many smiles these tires could bring
But this is where we have begun our adventure of life
Learning to use our imagination and minds to create
Here we can never live with grief

Memories have been created
Smiles have been painted
Friendships born and strengthened
Fear and worries will always be fainted

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