The Girl's Love Game

April 21, 2010
Is it better to have loved and lost
or to not have loved at all?
Who is the judge of this love game?
When it comes time for the role call will you be on the lovers list
or are you one who has loved and missed ?
What will become of those who lost ?
What happens to those who paid the cost
and never got the love we wanted?
What's the finale of this love hunt
Who wins, who loses, and whose lucky enough to survive?
I dont know if I can make it through
the love mines we call guys .
So get ready to play and say your goodbyes
Only a few make it out alive.
This roller coaster of love is crazy
its a game of life and death.
Full of risks and chances
only a few are willing to take.
Pack your bags
and bring the band aids
for your broken heart.
This is the girls love game
and its getting ready to start...

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