Old Memory

April 21, 2010
Take that love for him
Throw it all away.
Put it in a bottle.
Lock it up and never look back.
He’s not worth the panic attack.
You don’t need him
And you don’t need the pain.
Cry your sorrow away
And let the tears heal the wounds.
Someday someone else will come
And they’ll fix your heart.
The pieces will be sown together
Never to be torn apart
Bottle up that empty love,
The love that was never returned.
Put it in a box
And throw it out to see.
That boy never loved you
Its sad and its true.
That you gave him all you had
And he couldn’t do the same to you.
He used you
He abused you
In every way he could
And now your left broken
On an empty beach with smooth sand.
Grab that bottle by the water
Fill it with your love for him
Seal it tight
And let it drift
Far, far away.
He’s not worth it
Never was
So wipe your tears
And dry your eyes
Because someday it will all be ok.
You won’t forget about him
He’ll never leave your mind,
But one day when he thinks of you
And you think of him
You won’t cry,
You won’t scream
You’ll shrug it all off
As an old memory…

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