Windy Road

April 21, 2010
Walking down the windy road;
You’ve left me alone again.
Instead of staying by my side
You ran and hid and left me to die.
You weren’t ready to grow up.
Weren’t ready to deal.
So instead of helping me decide what to do.
You ran away from our problems.
This is the time when I needed you the most
And of course you’re not here.
So when you find someone else
Treat them well,
Or else you may be alone.
Don’t leave them here in this wooded forest on a windy road.
The leaves are blowing, the tears are pouring and you’re not here.
I am stranded on this muddy road.
The birds fly high, the bunnies run and hide.
A storm is coming and I can’t deal.
So treat your friends right
And treat your friends well
Or they’ll be gone when you need them most
And you’ll be the one alone
On the windy road.
Surrounded by trees, birds, and land,
But all alone to deal with your mess.
All alone on the windy road.

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