Can You Handle It?

April 21, 2010
Does it bug you to see me smile?
Did it hurt to see me laugh?
Can you handle the fact that I might be alright?
You hurt me so bad, but now I’m through.
My heart isn’t broken, my heart isn’t bleeding.
You’ve hurt me enough and I’m done.

Does it bother you that I can be happy?
Did it upset you to know that I cried?
Can you handle the fact that I’m moving on?
You came and you went, but I’m so glad you’re gone.
My life is better now and I’m happy as can be.
You’ve messed with my mind but not anymore.

Does it annoy you to hear me speak?
Did it kill you to see my heart skip a beat?
Can you handle the truth and accept it?
You’re gone; thank God, I’m so done.
My head is spinning; my heart is beating for another guy.
You’ve left me down, but now someone else to help me up.

I don’t care how you make me feel
Because you’re out of my heart
And out of my mind
And now…another guy.

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