That Night

April 21, 2010
I met you on a Monday night.
The way you argued really cuaght my sight.
You took my breath away.
I can't wait another day
to write all this down
I have to tell you how I feel
without making a sound.
So open up your eyes
and read between the lines,
because I'm done with all this acting
I'm done with all these lies,
I told my friends I hate you.
Oh, if only that were true,
but honestly I think I'm in love with you.
Because it takes all I have
To make you smile, to make you laugh.
To have you say a word
Take down all the armor
because the feelings that I harbor
Are finally coming out.
I'm breaking down,
I'm showing through
how I really feel.
It's like a banana and I'm pulling back the peel.
The truth comes out the more I wright.
Can we please go back to the Monday night?
Back before that awful fight.
We both knew what was right.
We knew what to do,
and where to go.
Can't we please go back to before?
I have to share these feelings
I have to let it out.
Please understand I love you.
Don't have any doubt.
So while I sit here in my room.
The only thing I think about is you.
Baby if only you knew
how in love I am.
Tell me you give a damn!
I need to know you car;
that you will always be there.
Stand up and be a man.
Tell me what I know we can.
Let me know this is meant to be.
Let me know there's a chance for you and me.

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