Sick And Tired

April 21, 2010
I'm done with waiting
I want this to be over.
I'm sick, I'm tired,
and I don't wan to be another.
Another game, another trick.
Another fling, another swing.
I want to be yours,
and I want it to be true.
I'm sick and tired of waiting;
of waiting for you.
I see your blue eyes, I catch their gaze,
but there's nothing special about them these days.
Your just another boy, a lost cause.
There aren't any laws,
no rules I need to follow
to say goodbye,
So I'll take this time to unravel the lies.
You lied about love,
it never was true,
that was the part I hated most about you.
Well, I'm sick and I'm tired,
and now I'm through.
So you and your blue eyes
can leave this room.
I'm no longer sick, I'm no longer tired.
If only you had gone the extra mile....

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