The Day You Left

April 21, 2010
The day you leave is the day I'll come alive
I'll take a deep breath, then go for a dive
having places to arrive
d*** I'll be feeling mighty fine
there will be no more anger, no more lies
I'll finally surrender, I'll finally give in
to the joy I was meant to have

You found this paper, you found me out
don't even bother with that stupid pout
You don't know where your going, You don't know the route,
but you might as well just leave and get out

The day you left was the day I came alive
I felt the relief from all the lies
I have places to arrive
I feel d*** fine
I have a life, I can drop the knife
Don't need to run, don't need to hide
I can finally be me
can finally be free

The day you came back was the day I left
I can only think of you as a theft
You stole my heart, then my life
kept my personality locked inside
I needed peace, I needed freedom
I wanted my own kingdon
and my dreams came true
when I met him...not you
The day you left was the day I came alive

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