Rebound Girl

April 21, 2010
I don't wanna be the one you go to
when your girlfriend says goodbye
I'm not just some basketball
you can throw around
I ain't your guardian angel
not even your bestfriend
I won't be your rebound girl ever again
I let you use me, practically abuse me, but not anymore
I'm not your girl, your woman, your thing
you can't just throw me away
I refuse to do this anymore
I hate feeling like a *****
I'm not your rebound girl
you spun my life into a whirl
it gets faster everytime theres another lover
I'm not yours, not your cover
won't be your rebound girl
so next time she leaves you
and you call me up
I'll pretend to be my answering machine before I hang up
and in case your curious, or need to know
this is what I will say:
I'm not your rebound girl
I gave up,
goodbye and good luck

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