Goodbye Daddy

April 21, 2010
By klutzykaitey PLATINUM, Andover, Kansas
klutzykaitey PLATINUM, Andover, Kansas
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I don't regret the things I did; I regret the things I didn't do when I had the chance.

It was my birthday
I was three
You came, you went
You didn't care
how your little girl felt
It pained me
I blamed me
for all that you did wrong

I'm your daughter
yes its true
I'm your own flesh and blood
I'm not the oldest,
no not your boy
but im your daughter
your september baby
how could you go
how could you leave
and then forget for eternity?

I just turned 15
did you know?
My friends remembered
they care
but you are just there
you have a wife
a whole new life
I guess I'm not included
remember that next time
you want me to say
I love you

I 'm 15
You have to leave
I don't want you here
just get out,
go away
you don't deserve me
I loved you
I did
But now...
just go

please just leave me
let me live
the life I choose
one that doesn't include you
goodbye daddy

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