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April 21, 2010
By klutzykaitey PLATINUM, Andover, Kansas
klutzykaitey PLATINUM, Andover, Kansas
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I don't regret the things I did; I regret the things I didn't do when I had the chance.

No title, no name
No picture, no frame
I'm nothing to this world
When I moved her, I thought I could be
someone different, maybe even free
then you came and took that away
Now I dream as I lay
in a bed that isn't mine
theres no place to go
no place to hide
and you really wonder why?

I left because of you
and all the things they do
I thought the hurt and pain would be gone
I guess I was wrong
You came after me,
just couldn't let it be
had to force me into your misery

Now I'm here, all alone
In an empty room
the real problem is, I'm looking down at you
I have no title, no name
No picture in a frame
all I have is my love for you
and you took that too
I cried for you
I DIED for you
I had to go away

You couldn't wait another day?
Baby, why did you take your life?
You took that knife,
you stabbed it through
what was left of you
Well, I've come back
for only a short time
theres no easy way to say this
no sweet little rhyme
It's time for us to leave this world
forever and goodbye

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