A Florida Vacation

October 11, 2007
By Jacob C., Wichita, KS

When we visit the coast
The waves crash
Against the sand
Right across the road from the beach house
Which is on the river
That attracts families.

My loving family
Went to the coast
Which is near the river
But there were no big river waves, just small river waves
Too small to crash into the beach house
Or eroding sand.

We play in the sand
Me and my family
But at lunch, we headed back to the beach house
And left the coast
And the waves
And the waves and ate sandwiches next to the river

We go fishing in the river
And catch some fish that hide in the sand
The water has big waves
To rock the boat with my family
Longing to return to the coast
As bad weather rocks the beach houses.

We sat in our beach house
Watching the flooding river
Away from the stormy coast
And the quicksand
Cozy with my family
Hoping to be away from the waves.

But, eventually, the waves let up, and we left the beach house
And met up with our friends of a different family
And walked away from the river
To the sand
Of the coast.

Soon, we left the waves of the coast
And the sand and the beach house
And the river, and returned to Kansas with our family.

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