The Way You Make Me

April 21, 2010
By klutzykaitey PLATINUM, Andover, Kansas
klutzykaitey PLATINUM, Andover, Kansas
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I don't regret the things I did; I regret the things I didn't do when I had the chance.

The way you look deep into my eyes
The way you can make me cry
Its what you do to me
When you turn around leave
I can't handle this any longer
I don't know what to do
I'm so in love with you
but this isn't right
I shouldn't have to deal
with all your crap
it's time to turn around
and take a step back
the way you used to look deep into my eyes
now all it does is make me cry
I miss you so much
and you don't even care
I could die today
and you wouldn't shed a tear
the way you would look at me
it used to make my heart skip a beat
but now you stare
and give me a snear
everytime I look your way
what happend to us?
what happend to our bliss?
I miss what we used to be
before I miss spoke
You took it as a chance to run
a chance to be free
but look now at what you've done
and what you've made of me
I used to run wild and free
my heart full of love
but now all I have is a broken heart
and a head full of misery
The way you make me feel
it makes it hard to deal
I can't turn around
I can't run from this
I need you
and I love you
I think this is meant to be
but Baby what can I do
when you won't come back to me?
The way you make me cry
these tears I don't want to shed
the way you make me lie
to my family and friends
I don't want to let go
I don't think I can
The way you make me die inside
every time I see you
I don't know if I will survive
seeing you again...

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