October 11, 2007
Sometimes I wish I could take that long road.
Find a child of my own, so cold.
The psychopathic memories.
Of that "once upon a time" Disney dream.
You took my hand.
Led me to here.
But I look around, and see everything has disappeared.
Why does this new home, heated.
But it feels so cold.
Sitting here.
You left my heart numb.
I see you standing at my bedded thrown.
Please, save me from my memories.
The ones that can't fade away, the ones you burnt in me.
Please, save me from my fireplace.
God, its burning in my soul.
Sometimes I think of all those good times.
But the shadows on my walls tell me other wise.
I see paintings of your haunting face.
A figure beating at the gates.
I'm so numb.
Oh God, Oh God.
Yes, I'm so numb.
Just please, save me from my mistaken thoughts.
Save me from the hurt of loss.
I can't seem to fit this together.
I can't seem to feel why.
But I know this is all real.
I've felt it for awhile.
But, please...
Save me from these memories.
Save me from my beatings held upon myself.
Just, PLEASE..I'm begging you to tell me why.
Why have I been suffocated all this time?
I'm so numb.
Oh God, Oh God.
Yes, I'm so numb.)
Oh please...tell me that you want me here.
Tell me that you needed me.
Tell me..tell me.

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