Love lost to the stars

October 11, 2007
By Seth Sizemore, Lexington, KY

My wings shall spread through death
Just let me show myself
A high without a comedown
I'll die without a showdown
The shadows sing their tune
Their voices carry me to the moon
As my feet touch the surface
Amongst the landscape she floats towards me
Graceful, beautiful, imitative of a flawed angel
The only perfection is a flaw
The only direction is a scar
You know your in love when you can't breathe
Here on the moon, I've let go too soon
My eyes grow wide as I face the tide
I guess this could be classified
As an enjoyable suicide
I don't even remember the outline of her features
But judging from the way that my soul is shaking
I'd have to say that my heart is breaking
Here in space, I've lost her face to the stars
I'm a black hole with too many scars
The sun's too ignorant to burn my spirit away
But the moon is kind enough to erase my memory

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