April 27, 2010
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I put my heart on the line
just for you to crush it,
to step on it & spit on it
urinate and then flush it

I thought you cared about my feelings
but apparently, you didn't
I should have never trusted you
I was foolish and I admit it

I thought you were the one for me
but clearly I was wrong
Just playing with my emotions
I should have known all along

I never felt good enough
but you made me feel complete
Just the sound of your voice
swept me off my feet

You had me head over heels
Boy, I was in love
You had me thanking God daily
for sending you from above

So I thought I'd make a move
I wrote it all in a letter
There was no other option
to express myself better

I wrote in my pretty pink pen
And I folded it all neat
And I planned to give it to you
the very next week

So when I saw you in school
I just walked right on up
I slipped you the note
And I crossed my fingers for luck

Two blocks passed
Then I saw you in lunch
And still in your back pocket
was my note, untouched

So, I went about my business
And I proceeded to the line
My friend in front of me
And your friend behind

So your friend says to me
" You're a loser, did you know?"
you wrote him in a note,
how more kindergarten can you go?

I brush off his words
And I walk back to my seat
And as I sit down
People are starting at me

Then one kid yells
" That's the girl who writes notes"
then everyone laughs
they point and make jokes

My cheeks get hot and
my eyes began to water
I'm regretting the whole note
thinking "why did I bother?"

If you didn't like me
You could have just said
"I'm not into you like that,
can we just be friends?"

But instead you told your friends
So they can have a laugh
at your note-writing crush
who sits behind you in math

I'm still not over the incident
Although it's far in the past
My heart's not yet healed
I don't recover too fast

Yet, like fatal attraction
Now I like your bestfriend,
but this time I won't tell him
'cause I refuse to be rejected. . .


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