Can You Hear My Scream

April 27, 2010
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Can you hear my scream?
I bet you can't .
No one can.

But I bet you could hear my scream
if I were a newborn baby
who was hungry or wet ,
if I were a teenage girl
highly upset ,
if I had fallen on the ground
and got a scrape on my knee ,

I bet if those were my conditions ,
You could hear my scream .

If I were a young child
being abused at home ,
If I were ostracized from society
in a room all alone ,
If I were having a bad dream
in the middle of the night ,

Then you'd be able to hear my scream , right ?

But you're deaf to my voice
I'm invisible in your sight
And thanks to people like you
I've been silent all my life

But I'm here to speak out
against the discrimination I face
Because you choose to judge me
because I'm gay and not straight

We accept one another
whether black, white, or swirls
But you can't accept me
because I'm attracted to girls ?

Does it bother you so much
that you can't even say hi ?
You can't even acknowledge my existence
when I'm walking by

In reality, I'm like you
and you're like me
I just don't think with a man
is where I wanna be

So tell me ,
Why can't you hear my scream ?

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