Finding Sin In Beauty

April 27, 2010
With snow-white skin,
And raven-black hair;
In her black ball gown,
Her beauty is unfair.

She'll stride across the room,
Arms circled around nothing.
With her haunting silver eyes,
That you cannot help but loving.

The moon outside
will illuminate her translucent skin.
She'll flash her dazzling smile,
Making proof of human sin.

You'll stare in awe,
As she continues her waltz.
Do not be ashamed for looking;
It isn't your fault.

She'll twirl and she'll dip,
In her imaginary partner's arms.
Her mere presence dulls the senses,
And any feelings of alarm.

When all of the sudden,
The Beauty will stop and face you.
Her stormy silver will eyes narrow,
Daring you to make your move.

Holding out her hand to you,
With fingernails painted black.
Her hypnotic eyes gleaming red;
Temptation, they do not lack.

Entanced by illusion,
You'll walk to where she stands.
With a smile of pure joy,
She'll excitedly take your hands.

You'll start to dance,
Along on your merry way.
From her alluring scarlet eyes,
Your gaze will never stray.

You'll never notice her changing appearance
Hair turns to fire,
Fangs retract.
Your life, she wishes to acquire.

And along with your life,
The light in your eyes is gone.
She'll gracefully melt from the room;
An end to her sinister song.

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