I dont mind you under my skin

October 11, 2007
I've waited too long,
To write about your body.
The strong body,
The body that makes me crazier than the curls,
The Body especially dressed in all black,
Or that damn body
That imitated me
When i wanted it to snow harder,
The lean, long, broad, beautiful body
That is undressed.
The body of an artists muse,
the kind of body woman dream about,
A body to hold me all night long,
Or ease me into ecstasy.
The body i want to call mine,
The one even to love as it grows old,
A fast or slow body,
The goofy clumsy body,
The innocent body,
the nutural body,
The body that doesnt know
How much it could be loved,
the body of the boy i do.

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