the cove

April 27, 2010
By kkelsey SILVER, Plainfield, Illinois
kkelsey SILVER, Plainfield, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
we as people can not fell or touch the most beautiful things in this world, we must dig deep inside our hearts to feel them.

blood tainted water,
someone please care.
bodies piled up higher,
the terrified screams blare.

once a majestic animal,
brought to it's knees.
no one knows due to their unheard pleas.

the violent acts brought upon the cove
are wildly frightful
due to
the japanese's motives being spiteful.

the helpless dolphins care for us.
we betray them by killing.
we do what we want
thats what is spine chilling.

the relaity makes you want to make a difference.
with all the facts unknown
it is so more gruesome,
it will chill you to the bone.

The author's comments:
when we are so involved in our own world and lives some times we forget that there is real things, maybe things more important than us.(as a whole). in Japan lately there has been killings of dolphins, the japanese claim they are "pests"!! about 25,000 die every year. they slaughter them in a little cove and there are so many dolhins being killed the water turns red. a dark chrimson red! im try ing to raise awareness of this horrible act being brought upon, maybe the most beautiful animal of the water. the dolphin. they can't live without our help....

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