Lost Door

April 27, 2010
By xspazzxmuffinx SILVER, Sterling Hieghts, Michigan
xspazzxmuffinx SILVER, Sterling Hieghts, Michigan
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just be you dont look around and blend in

I'm in a hallway the walls start to shift i run i see three doors i can't choose i run back i find a door that says lost door i open it i'm sucked in i scream but no one can hear me i hit ground i stand up and walk forward i hit something else all i seen a flash i hear you laughing i whisper you name i hear me see me and you talking the first time i ever met you i feel a tear roll down my face more and more memories flash by one comes i don't remember blood and my hand with the ring i gave you on it i fall to the ground only to see you with a gun in your hand and a hole though me i cry laying there watching you just stand there no feeling than you walk away and the last thing i say before it goes black is why..

The author's comments:
this isnt a normal poem it is long and to understand it u must read though the lines

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