Rising and Setting

October 11, 2007
When the sun
a new moon
Slower, whistles the wind.
And the world sleeps as the sky is painted black.

The full moon
awkwardly sets.
The sun
gracefully rises.
Faster, whistles the wind.
And the world wakes up to see no black.

Sure as the wind
rushes forward, the sun
will always shine, while the moon,
will always be the black
shadow of the sky. The wonderful one rises,
the other sets.

Who is the black
Who is the beautiful sun?
How must the wind
Whistle today, for the world to see the other rise,
And see the wonderful one set?

As you look at the setting
and see the moon
steadily rising,
you must feel the icy wind.
Open your eyes to see beauty in the blackness.

Why can't the world see the other rise?
See the black,
the powerful moon,
As the radiant sun
confidently sets.
Hear the answer in the cold voice of the wind.

Why is the world set in stone, for the world surely will forget the sun.
Whistles the wind: the black
and the beautiful moon, from the shadow of the wonderful one, will rise.

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