Love is not worth giving up on

October 11, 2007
I know we argue and fight
But im sure there is something that we can just make right
I know you need me and I need you
The only thing is there is something that we both need to do
That is to get along and try to work things out
That way we can forget what we were arguing about
I know that we are going to have to try for this
And this is something that we both cant miss
We need to have confidence in what we are capable of
And that is loving each other with some help from above
So we can make our lives together happy and worth while
There are going to be times we want to give up but we have to encourage each other to go that extra mile
I know we are meant for each other and that’s the way it should be
We just need to open up our eyes and look at each other then see
That we are happy with us and only us
And then look back at our friends and say you know what we don’t care if you fight and fuss
We are in love and there is nothing you can say or do to break us up
That way when you see us in the hallway happily together at least give us the courage to say what’s up

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