is it the blue birds

October 11, 2007
By janelle romero, Naples, FL

is it the blue birds singing in the tree?
or is it the hollering of someone on the street?
this world has a reputation,
whether it is good or bad i cannot say,
but friends,
my friends,
i beg of you...
life your life to it's fullest.
love the shoes your in.
wear that body with a grin.
young, old, fat, thin
we all has something to be proud and ashamed about,
this i can tell you.
without a doubt.
be happy.
love it,
and it will love you back.
enjoy it,
have some high spirit,
love the skin your in.
don't deny it,
supply it.
show the others that you have a voice and can be loud.
show the others you have it,
and you are proud.

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