Long Day with Bad Book

October 12, 2007
A long day with a bad book
Many hours of reading
I can’t stand this novel
With its horribly graphic scenes
All this talk of suicide and death
Makes me want to faint
Why they make me read this gore
Doesn’t even register

A long day with a bad book
How I dread this time
Not the first
And definitely not the last
Why things just can’t be happy, I’ll never know
Some seem to like this type of reading
How they can I’ll never know

A long day with a bad book
I often wonder about the authors
How they come up with such unhappiness
Have they felt such pain
Or are they just pretending
What would cause someone to think like this
I don’t have a clue

A long day with a bad book
Life becomes extremely miserable
Showing suffering and misery
The vulgarity I read saddens
The pain I see outrages

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