The Girl Across The Street

April 28, 2010
By singdance7 SILVER, Davenport, Iowa
singdance7 SILVER, Davenport, Iowa
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Favorite Quote:
"Do what you can with what you have with where you are" Teddy Roosevelt i think
"I love life because what more is there" Unknown
"Remember, the future comes one day at a time" Unknown

The scene is pretty normal
I’m walking down the street
Not dressed too formal
I’m walking from school, you see

There’s a girl across the street
With her handed down jeans
Holding her work sheet
But something else is wrong

She’s just really staring
At that empty little sheet
Not reading, not caring
As if her mind was busy

She had wonder to her eyes
They looked full of pain
Full of sorrowful goodbyes
And scars that never fade

She gave a heavy sigh
Then came to a halt
Trying not to cry
She finally did stop

Her breath was so uneven
Her face turned cold as stone
As if she couldn’t be believen’
In the world she’d grown to know

Her back-pack slid down
She didn’t really care
Her face was in a frown
It had something to share

But what she did surprised me
And that’s a hard thing to do
But that girl that’s never to be free
That’s just what she would do

Now listen really close
And listen with care.
The path, she hadn’t chose
But has sadly fallen into.

She didn’t scream aloud
That she had something to tell,
She wasn’t real proud
Of the burden she held.

She let the tears flow
As she stared at the sky.
For something the world would never know,
Was making her cry.

She gathered up her things,
Tears streaming down,
And to one hope she clings;
A hope and nothing more.

When all the light perished,
And everyone was blue,
Life she would cherish;
That was the optimistic thing to do.

That was her life,
Depression and despair
With an emotional strife
But hope was still there.

Because one hope still lingers,
And there it will remain,
And none of the worlds thinkers
Would understand this way.

As simple as it is
Many could not guess
Though simple to little kids
That one hope, she has.

Life will get better,
If you work and you try.
Life will get better,
As long as you don’t quit.

That’s the hope that stays
Everywhere she goes.
Like a million sunny rays
Coming when she knows:

The world is not cruel
Though some think it’s true
It’s just full of fools
And those unprepared

But she kept going
As long as she could
She kept life flowing
And get better it did

Now if this young girl,
About ready to give up,
Can get up with a twirl;
And never look back.

If she can pull her life together,
And never again complain,
Can’t we all make things better?
And dance in the rain.

But some still complain.
They think they got it bad;
They think they’re bound to a chain.
How blind they are.

So next time your sad,
About some little thing,
Think of the hope the girl had,
The girl across the street

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